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150N SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket


150N SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket: SOLAS standards MED 96/98/EC regulations with RINA certificate

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ZenkeCn 150N SOLAS/MED inflatable lifejacket follow the latest SOLAS specifications, provide maximum safety on board. It is comfortable and compact inflatable configurations that can be automatically, manually or orally inflated. Buoyancy ≥150N Air chamber: double Inflation type: automatic + manual CO2 weight: 33g (*2 cylinders) Weight ≤1.2kg(with 2 cylinders) Angle in water(face plane angle) ≥40˚ Trunk angle≥30˚ Free board≥120mm Inflation time≤5s Floating duration≥24h Buoyancy loss after 24h≤5% Ambient temperature: -30~+60˚C This 150N SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket designed for extended survival in rough, open water. It usually will turn an unconscious person face up and has over 150N of buoyancy. Price Description: The price is only product’s price which not includes shipping cost, you can choose by air or by sea. Tell us which product and quantity you want to order, and we will give you a whole and exact quote later.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 62 × 30 cm


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